SideWinder Portable Elevated Camera System

SideWinder Portable Elevated Camera System from U. S. Sports Video

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The SideWinder robotic, remote control roving camera system that is compact and ready to go, the SideWinder has a 14-foot telescoping mast that extends instantly.
It also has an intuitive, natural pan and tilt system and is scientifically engineered for smooth natural action. The system includes a
digital camera with a quick release platform and a multi-function camera remote controller.
Stan Parrish, the Head Coach at Ball State, believes the SideWinder is invaluable. “It is versatile,lightweight and a high quality system,”
said Parrish. Among other drills, we use it for kicking/snapper/holder drills, shotgun snaps,pass protection, 7-on-7’s, chute drills, skelly from behind the QB, and inside run drills. We also use it to watch a quarterback’s footwork, defensive line rush techniques, and pass protection
drills. As coaches, we can’t wait to finish practice and look at tape from the SideWinder of our drills that day. It enables us, as coaches,
to correct mistakes that we may have missed during the actual practice.”

That's why at US Sports Video, we have concentrated on the research, engineering, and development of our custom-built end zone cameras, side line cameras, wall-mounted cameras, and portable studio recording systems--our "MARK" family. We're coaches ourselves, so we don't just sell boxes, cameras, and tripods--we sell complete, finely tuned, professional systems, and we provide the support to keep them that way.


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